Friday, September 26, 2014

The Development of Writing

 Section Focus Question  How did writing develop? 

Warm Up Task  What role does reading and writing play in your daily lives? Please visit Padlet today (Period 4 and Period 6) and list some of the ways that you use reading and writing each day from the moment you wake up to the moment you go to bed. 

As we reflect on how important reading and writing is as part of our everyday lives, its hard to imagine a time without writing. Have you ever wondered where writing first came from, how it developed, and how it changed over time? Answering these questions will be the focus of our lesson today.  

Mini Tech Lesson: How to Edit a PDF within Google Drive  Today we will be using a PDF document as part of our lesson. Traditionally, PDF documents have only been viewable (not editable). However, today Emily, our resident technology guru, is going to show you how to edit and write on PDF's and then upload them back onto your Google Drive. This will be important skill to have moving forward this year. You can find Emily's lesson here.  

The Development of Writing: Guided Reading and Notetaking  Today we will be reading an excerpt from our textbook on the 'Development of Writing'. The document 'The Development of Writing - Reading' has been placed in your Social Studies folders, but can also be found here. As we read, we will be using the PDF 'The Development of Writing - Study Guide,' which has also been placed in your folders. However, before we are able to write on the PDF we will need to follow the steps that Emily outlined above. Please listen carefully as I guide you through the process one more time.  

Homework  Complete the The Development of Writing - Study Guide. Due: next Friday, October 3.