Monday, March 31, 2014

What Does Confucius Say?

Chinese philosopher Confucius

Warm Up  Read about the life and work Confucius, of one of the world's most famous philosophers, here.  Then, head over to our Padlet wall and share one thing you learned about his life and one thing you learned about his ideas.  Period 3 visit here and Period visit here.    

EDpuzzle Video:  Confucius  Put your developing understanding of Confucius to a test by interacting with an EDpuzzle video about the famous Chinese philosopher.  Watch the video "Confucius" carefully and answer the five questions.  You should have already set up an account.  However, if you haven't or need to do so again, the class code for 3rd period is dLzL4a and the class code for 6th period is dJN5og.

Confucius: Guided Reading and Question and Answer  If time remains, we will reread together about the life and teachings of Confucius and answer questions using the document here.  If we don't finish in class, please complete for homework.  

Homework  (1.) Complete you Confucius EDpuzzle video.  (2.) Complete your Confucius questions.