Friday, September 5, 2014

Identifying Main Ideas and Exploring Human Migration

Analysis Skill: Identify Main Ideas  Almost all written nonfiction text, including your history textbook, consists of main ideas. There may be one main idea or multiple ideas. Learning to identify the main idea or ideas of a passage will help you understand what you have read. Today we will read the passage below and work together to identify its main ideas. You can find the assignment 'Identify Main Ideas (Ice Age Hunter-Gatherers)' in your Social Studies folders, as well as a link to it here. (This assignment will be due Friday of next week.)

Journey of Humankind: Interactive Map  Today we are going to go on a virtual global journey of modern humans over the last 160,000 years. This interactive map "will show for the first time the interaction between migration and climate over this period." Press "play" and watch your ancestors begin their migration out of Africa to the furthest reaches of the globe. Read their stories along the way. Observe the changes in climate that they are forced to confront. Make note of when and how your ancestors first set foot in the American. Enjoy! 

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