Thursday, September 18, 2014

Mesopotamia: The Fertile Crescent (Day 2)

Warm Up: Video  Let's get familiar with today's content by watching the brief video below.  

The Fertile Crescent: Main Idea and Details  Our central task as we read today about Mesopotamia's "Fertile Crescent" is to identify the main ideas and details of key paragraphs and passages from our text. To better understand how to identify main ideas, check our the graphic below.  
The supporting details, on the other hand, serve to support, strengthen, and elaborate upon the main idea.  

In your Social Studies folders, you will find the document 'The Fertile Crescent: Main Idea and Supporting Details.' You can also find a link to it here. With the members of your team, read each passage or paragraph and work to identify the main idea and supporting details. This assignment will not be due until next Friday, January 26.    

Homework Tomorrow is Friday! We have a couple assignments from the week that need to be completed and "turned in" tomorrow Friday, September 18, including: the 'Civilization Concept Map' and 'Fertile Crescent: Cognitive Content Dictionary'.