Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Populating the Earth

Warm Up: Early Human Assessment Paragraphs  Happy Tuesday! I'd like to offer you a little bit more time today to work on your 'Early Humans Assessment' paragraphs. I want these paragraphs to represent your best work and truly reflect what you have learned so far. With that said, I will also be extending the final due date for this assignment. New Deadline: Friday, September 5.   

Populating the Earth: Vocabulary Study  Today we are going to be studying the key vocabulary related to early humans 'Populating the Earth' using the Cognitive Content Dictionary in your Social Studies folders. If need be, you can also find a link to the assignment here. We will be using an excerpt from our Social Studies textbook (which you can find here) to help us understand the lesson's key words and concepts.   

Homework (1.) Complete 'Populating the Earth - Cognitive Content Dictionary'. (2.) Complete 'Early Human Assessment' paragraphs. Both assignments due this Friday, September 5.