Wednesday, September 10, 2014

How the Agricultural Revolution Changed the Way People Lived

Cause and Effect Mini-Lesson  Before you can begin to understand the relationship between events related to the Agricultural Revolution you may need to a refresher on the nature of 'Cause and Effect.' Cause is what makes something happens. Effect is what happens as a result. To see 'Cause and Effect' in action, check out the video below.  

Early Agriculture: Guided Reading and Cause and Effect Activity  Today we will read about how the Agricultural Revolution changed the way people lived. The 'Early Agriculture - Reading Selection' can be found in your Social Studies folder, as well as here. As we read, you will make note of the relationship between key events related to the birth of agriculture and early farming using the 'Early Agriculture - Cause and Effect' document in your Social Studies folder. You may also find a link to the document here

Homework  Complete the 'Early Agriculture - Cause and Effect' activity. Due: Friday, September 12.  

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