Friday, September 12, 2014

Celebrating Mexican Independence Day

Warm Up: Sharing Our Prior Knowledge  Mexican Independence Day is fast approaching. What do you already know about Mexican Independence Day? When is celebrated? Why? How? Share your prior knowledge on your class's Padlet wall. If you don't think you know anything, ask a question. Period 4, your wall is here. Period 6, yours is here

Video: ¡Viva México!  Watch the video clip below of the president of Mexico reenacting the grito in the zócalo in Mexico City as part of the celebration of Mexican Independence Day and the commemoration of Padre Hidalgo’s Grito de Dolores from 1810.

Questions for discussionWhat names did you hear the president say in his speech? Have you heard of these individuals before? If so, why are they famous? How would you describe the crowd’s reaction? What U.S. holiday would you compare this to and why? 

Webquest: Mexican Independence Day  Learn more about the background and history of Mexican Independence Day by going on a Webquest today. You will use the 'Mexican Independence Day Webquest' document in your Social Studies folders to keep track of what you learn. (A link to the document can also be found here.) The webquest has four question; you will find the answers to these questions by visiting a series of websites. Get an overview of Mexican Independence Day here. Get background on its history and the important people involved here and here. Learn about the significance of the Mexican flag here. Finally, learn about how the holiday is celebrated and the food involved by visiting the link here.        

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