Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Mesopotamia: The Fertile Crescent

Introductory Video: Discover Mesopotamia with Bugs Bunny  Let Bugs Bunny take you on a one minute introductory tour of Mesopotamia, the world's very first civilization, in the video below.  

The Fertile Crescent: Vocabulary Study  Today we are going to be studying the key vocabulary related to the geography of Mesopotamia, also known as the 'The Fertile Crescent,' using the Cognitive Content Dictionary of the same name in your Social Studies folders. If need be, you can also find a link to the assignmenhere. We will be using an excerpt from our Social Studies textbook, which has been placed in your Social Studies folders (and which you can also find here), to help us understand the lesson's key words and concepts.

Homework  Complete your 'Fertile Crescent: Cognitive Content Dictionary'. Due: Friday, September 19.