Friday, October 3, 2014

Mesopotamia Timeline Project

Mesopotamia Timeline Project  Today you will continue working on your timeline about the history of Mesopotamia. Remember to select at least five significant events from Mesopotamia's history, arrange them in chronological order with dates, and include an image and description of its importance with each event. Additional directions on how to make your timeline can be found with the assignment History of Mesopotamia Timeline, which is in your Social Studies folders. 

You may want to use your Social Studies textbooks, Mesopotamia assignments, and trusted websites as resources to help you find the events and dates for your timeline. 

The following websites may be helpful in identifying important events from Mesopotamian history: 

Class time to work on this assignment may be limited, and you may need to commit to finishing it outside of class. Remember, this assignment will count towards your assessment grade and be due next Friday, October 10   

Homework  Due to Back to School Night, the assignments originally due today are now due Monday, October 6. Please make sure the following assignments are completed and ready to be graded on Monday: the Ancient Achievements Timeline Assessment, the Empire - Concept MapYou Be the Judge - Hammurabi's Code, and The Development of Writing - Study Guide (from last Friday).  

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