Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Analysis Skills: Understand Timelines

 Today's Focus Questions  What are the components of a timeline and how do we interpret the information timelines provide?

Learning Analysis Skills: Understand Timelines  Timelines can give historical information a beginning a middle, and an end, organizing it into a story that can improve your comprehension. Today's lesson will teach you how to use the components (or parts) of a timeline and help you interpret (make sense of) that information.  

We will first practice working with a timeline together by following the steps and answering the questions outlined below. 

Apply Analysis Skills: Understand Timelines  Now that you understand the components of a timeline and how they work, you are going to apply your acquired knowledge and demonstrate what you've learned by completing a timeline assessment. Your task is to study the timeline below and then answer the accompanying series of questions about the information included.  

The document Ancient Achievements Timeline Assessment can be found in your Social Studies folders. If it is not completed in class today, it must be completed for homework and is due Friday, October 3. Reminder: This assignment counts towards the assessment portion of your grade. 

Homework  (1.) Complete the Ancient Achievements Timeline Assessment(2.) Study and review your documents, reading selections, and blog entries related to Mesopotamia. We will be having a Mesopotamia Quiz tomorrow.    

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