Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Life and Death in Ancient Egypt: Journey to the Afterlife (Day 2)

 Lesson Focus Question   What was the role of religion in ancient Egypt?

Journey to the Afterlife: Overview  Now that we all clearly understand some of  the important terms and concepts related to ancient Egyptian religion, it's time to begin our investigation into the ancient Egyptian beliefs about the afterlife. Your task is to gather important information about each step an Egyptian would take on his or her journey to the afterlife. You will take notes using the document Journey to the Afterlife - Study Guide which can be found in your Social Studies folders. 

Ultimately, we will use our collected information to construct an Egyptian Afterlife Instruction Manual, which you will design for an ancient Egyptian pharaoh to help him or her successfully navigate the journey to the afterlife. More to come.

Today, however, we will begin working as a whole-class by examining an excerpt from your Social Studies textbook featured below entitled "Journey tot he Afterlife." Make sure as we read to add important information to your Study Guide. 

Journey to the Afterlife: Group Read and Investigation  Now we will break up into groups and dig even deeper for critical information related to the journey to the afterlife. I will provide each of you with a copy of the book The First Civilizations which also features a section entitled "Journey to the Afterlife" beginning on pg. 40. You and your group will read the section together, identify important information, and add key details to the pertinent sections of your Study Guide.  

Homework  Complete your Journey to the Afterlife - Study Guide. Due: Friday, October 31