Thursday, October 2, 2014

Assessing Mesopotamia

 Today's Objective  To demonstrate what you have learned about the civilization of Mesopotamia

Mesopotamia Quiz  Our time dedicated to learning about Mesopotamia, the world's first civilization, is coming to a end. Now it's time to demonstrate what you have learned. We will begin by taking a quiz, which can be found here. I will read each question and answer set aloud and then provide you time to complete the quiz before you submit your answers.  

Mesopotamia Timeline Project  Now let's combine our understanding of timelines with our knowledge about Mesopotamia. Today you will construct your own timeline about the history of Mesopotamia. You will select at least five significant events from Mesopotamia's history, arrange them in chronological order with dates, and include an image and description to accompany each event. Additional directions can be found with the assignment History of Mesopotamia Timeline. You may want to use your Social Studies textbooks, Mesopotamia assignments, and trusted websites as resources to help find the events and dates for your timeline. I will also model how to get started on your timeline, so please pay close attention. This assignment will count towards your assessment grade and be due next Friday, October 10.  

Homework  Coming to Back to School Night with your families should be your main priority tonight. Assignments that would have been due tomorrow, Friday, will now be due on Monday, October 6.