Friday, October 31, 2014

Ancient Egypt Project: An Instruction Manual for Journeying to the Afterlife (Day 2)

Project Guidelines  You will now continue constructing your instruction manual with the purpose of educating a pharaoh about how to gain entry into the afterlife. Remember you may choose to produce your instruction manual using any of the various Google tools available in your Drive, such as a Google Document, Google Presentation, or Google Drawing. (If you choose you may use a simple Google Drawing template I made, which can be found here.) 

Other Instruction Manual Project Guidelines
  1. You must include a title (e.g., A Guide to the Afterlife). 
  2. You must include information about the following topics: preparing the tomb, preparing the body, the journey through the underworld, the Hall of Two Truths, the final judgement, and the afterlife.
  3. Information should be presented in a step-by-step format and use either numbers or transition words to make clear each step. 
  4. You should write clearly and concisely, use your own words, and use second-person pronouns (e.g, you and your).  
  5. You should include at least one visual, image, or illustration with each step.   
This project will be due next Friday, November 7.