Thursday, October 16, 2014

Egypt Under the Pharaohs (Day 2)

 Today's Focus Question  How did the pharaohs gain authority over a large kingdom? 

Guided Reading: Egypt Under the Pharaohs  Today we are going to read about how the pharaohs, or rulers of Egypt, were able to gain the authority to rule over Egypt. Where did this assumed power come from? How were a succession of pharaohs able to maintain control of Egypt for so long? As we read excerpts of your Social Studies workbook below, you will use the document Sources of Pharaoh's Authority to take notes on this topic. This assignment will be due next Friday, October 24.   

Homework (1.) Both the Map of Ancient Egypt and the Egypt Under the Pharaohs - Cognitive Content Dictionary are due tomorrow, Friday, October 17. (2.) Complete the assignment Sources of Pharaoh's Authority by next Friday, October 24.