Tuesday, September 8, 2015

The Costs and Benefits of Farming

Writing Warm-Up  A cost is something that has a negative effect. A benefit, on the other hand, is something that has a good effect or is a positive. What do you think the costs (the negatives) and benefits (the positives) of farming are going to turn out to be? Share your ideas here.   

The Costs and Benefits of Farming: Reading and Note-Taking Activity  Today in small groups you are going to read an excerpt and study a diagram from your text regarding the costs and benefits of farming. As you read, you will take notes on the Costs and Benefits of Farming using the document of the same name in your Social Studies folders. The text passage and diagram are featured below (but can also be found on pg. 35 of your Social Studies textbook). Towards the end of the period, each member of your group must be prepared to share at least one farming cost and/or one benefit they learned during the course of their study. The Cost and Benefits of Farming assignment will be due Friday, September 11.  

Video: The Agricultural Revolution  Now let's watch as our friends at Crash Course hilariously explain the importance of the Agricultural Revolution.  

Homework  Complete the assignment Costs and Benefits of Farming, which will be due Friday, September 11, in addition to the assignments Early Agriculture - Cognitive Content Dictionary and Identify Main Ideas (Ice Age Hunter-Gatherers) from last week.

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