Thursday, September 24, 2015

Current Events and Study Hall

CNN Student News  As Social Studies students our focus should not only be on studying events from the past, but also on making sense of the news and events taking place all around the world right now. In order to be the responsible citizens and global leaders of tomorrow, we need to be understand the world we live in. Today we will watch a segment of CNN Students News which provides a run-down of some of the key news events shaping the world today. Which news story surprised you? Inspired you? Made you angry? What questions do you have? What do you want to know more about?

Academic Study Hall  In school or college, a study period or "study hall" is a period in which a student may undertake self-directed learning activities, rather than having lessons being taught by a teacher (Source: Wikipedia). Today you have the opportunity to use this period to further your academic success in the best way you see fit. I would strongly suggest using part of this time to completing some of the Social Studies assignment from the past week (which are due tomorrow). Specific suggestions about assignments or activities you may want to work on can be found below:  
  1. EdPuzzle: Mesopotamia: From Nomads to Farmers
  2. Facts About Sumerian Society
  3. The Civilization of Sumer - Cognitive Content Dictionary
  4. Silent Reading and Accelerated Reader Testing
  5. Assignments that are due soon for other classes (especially Language Arts)
  6. Assignments in the Gradebook that are missing or incomplete 
  7. Online Mesopotamia Exploration
Homework  Tomorrow is Friday! We have several assignments from the past week that need to be completed and 'turned in' tomorrow Friday, September 25, including: EdPuzzle: Mesopotamia: From Nomads to Farmers, Facts About Sumerian Society, and The Civilization of Sumer - Cognitive Content Dictionary

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