Thursday, September 17, 2015

Mesopotamia with EdPuzzle

Getting Started with EdPuzzle  It's time to sign-up for an exciting online interactive video program:  EDpuzzle. Once you get there, click on "I'm a new student." Then click 'Sign up with Google'. Next, you will be asked to "Add a class." Copy and paste your class code. 4th period students your code is e31VvR. 6th period your code is dwKXVz. Once enrolled, please wait for the rest of your classmates. 

EdPuzzle Video: "Mesopotamia: From Nomads to Farmers"  Today you will be watching a video and answering a series of questions about Mesopotamia. The video will stop periodically and you'll be required to answer a question before being allowed to continue. To be successful, you must pay close attention to the content of the video. If you have your own headphones, please use them. Otherwise, you must listen to your video as quietly as possible.  You can watch the video and answer the questions at your own pace. If you don't finish in class today, please finish for homework outside of class. This assignment will count towards your assessment grade. 

Homework  (1.) Complete the Mesopotamia EdPUzzle activity. Deadline: Friday, September, 26. (2.) Complete and 'turn in' assignments, which are due tomorrow, September 18, which include: Civilization Concept Map, The Fertile Crescent - Cognitive Content Dictionary, and The Fertile Crescent: Main Ideas and Details.

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