Thursday, September 3, 2015

Early Agriculture (Day 2)

Early Agriculture: Vocabulary Study (Continued)  Let's complete our Early Agriculture - Cognitive Content Dictionary assignment today. Remember, you can find it in your Social Studies Google Classroom, along with the excerpt from our Social Studies textbook, which we will use to help us understand the lesson's key words and concepts.  

Video Excerpt: "The Story of All of Us"  Let's continue to develop our understanding of human migration and early agriculture by watching an excerpt of the program "The Story of All of Us." Take notes on what you observe, learn, and what questions you may have, using the document The Story of All of Us - Video Notes, which can be found in your Social Studies Google Classroom

Homework  (1.) Complete your Early Agriculture - Cognitive Content Dictionary, which is due next Friday, September 11. (2.) Complete and 'turn in' assignments, which are due tomorrow, September 4, which include: Populating the Earth - Cognitive Content Dictionary, Populating the Earth - Questions, and Identifying Main Ideas (Ice Age Hunter-Gatherers)

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