Monday, September 28, 2015

Mesoptoamia: The First Empires

Sargon the Great was the first ruler to unite the city-states of Sumer into one empire.

 Today's Focus Question  What is an empire and how did they first develop? 

The First Empires: Guided Reading  Today we will learn how strong rulers finally conquered Mesopotamia's independent city-states to create the world's first empires. We will read the excerpts from our textbook below.  

Concept Map: Empire  In order to better understand what an empire is we will make a concept map today. You can find your Empire - Concept Map in your Social Studies Google Classroom. We will also watch the video below to learn some examples from history of empires.     

Homework  (1.) Complete your Empire - Concept Map, which will be due Thursday, October 1. (2.) We will be having a short quiz on early Mesopotamia and the Sumerians tomorrow. Please review your assignments, textbook excerpts, and Blog entries so that you are prepared.

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