Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Walking with Lucy

 Today's Learning Objective  Learn about the physical and social development of early humans through archaeological discoveries.

Archaeology in Action: Discovering 'Lucy' Read about archaeologist Donald Johanson's remarkable discovery of 'Lucy,' one of our earliest human ancestors, below, and then watch the video as Johanson himself explains the significance of this discovery.

Video: Walking with Cavemen  Today we are going to learn more about 'Lucy,' whose scientific name is australopithecus afarensis. As we watch the beginning of the series Walking with Cavemen, you will take notes about what you learn about this early hominid (human-like) species using the document Walking with Cavemen (Part 1) - Study Guide which you can find in your Social Studies Google Classroom

Becoming Human - An Interactive Documentary Experience  If time permits you may spend more time learning about the origins of humankind by exploring the amazing website 'Becoming Human.' Click the link here and join fossil hunter and the discoverer of 'Lucy,' Donald Johanson, as he guides you through four millions years of human evolution.

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