Monday, August 28, 2017

Hunter-Gatherer Societies

 Today's Learning Objective  * Describe the hunter-gatherer societies, including the development of tools and the use of fire

Writing Warm-Up  What do you expect to happen as early human groups continue to evolve, develop bigger brains, and become more intelligent? How might their way of life change? Share your response to the question within your Social Studies Google ClassroomWrite your own response to the question and write at least one reply to one of your classmates.

Hunter-Gatherer Societies: Vocabulary Study and Guided Reading Today we are going to be learning about early human hunter-gather societies. We will be mastering key vocabulary using the Cognitive Content Dictionary in your Social Studies folders, as well as doing some guided reading using the text below. The document Hunter-Gatherer Societies - Cognitive Content Dictionary can be found in your Social Studies Google Classroom (and the text can also be accessed on pages 12 and 13 of your Ancient Civilizations textbooks).

Homework  Continue working on the Hunter-Gatherer Societies - Cognitive Content Dictionary, which should be completed and 'turned in' by Friday, September 1.

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