Monday, August 21, 2017

Studying the Distant Past (Day 2)

Video: What is Archaeology?  To begin today let's learn more about the job of an archaeologist by watching the short video below. Then let's read "Clues to the Past" to learn about what archaeologists study to learn about the past. 

Guided Reading: Studying the Distant Past  Next, we are going to read excerpts from your text book related to how archaeologists study the origins of humankind. As we read together and in small groups, I would like you to recognize the text features that the textbook utilizes to organize information and help you find what you need. Notice, for example, how the textbook uses boldface blue type to point out new words, as well as larger type to show titles. Additionally, special information appears alongside the main text.  

Homework  Remember to complete and 'turn in' your Studying the Distant Past - Cognitive Content Dictionary by this Friday, August 25 in order to receive full credit. 

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