Thursday, August 17, 2017

Rights and Responsibilities and Why We Study History

Student Rights and Responsibilities  As citizens and as members of this classroom community we have both rights and responsibilities. For example, we have the right to learn but we also have a responsibility to work hard. What do you you think some of our classroom rights and responsibilities should be? Today we will brainstorm together and add to the list of rights and responsibilities below. 

We the students have 

  • the right to learn.
  • the right to feel safe.
  • the right to be treated with dignity and respect.
  • the right to have our voices heard. 
We the students have a responsibility 
  • to be ready to learn.
  • to do our best work. 
  • to treat each other and our teachers with mutual respect. 
  • to listen attentively.
  • to work together cooperatively. 

Why Study History?  In our Social Studies course this year part of our focus will be on studying early human history and ancient civilizations. But why? Why should we care about happened thousands or even millions of years ago? Why does what happened in the past matter to us now? Why do we study history in general and why should we care? Turn to the members of your table group and have a discussion about why you think it is important to study and understand what happened in the distant past. Discuss why you think learning and appreciating history is worth our time. 

Next, let's watch a couple of videos that will help us further understand why knowing history is important.

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