Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Life and Death in Ancient Egypt

Lesson Focus Question   What was the role of religion in ancient Egypt?

Writing Warm-Up  Today we begin to learn about ancient Egyptian religious beliefs about death and the afterlife. But before we learn what they believed, let's consider some of our own beliefs. What do you believe happens after we die? Do you believe in life after death? If so, what does that mean to you? Share some of your ideas here

Journey to the Afterlife: Vocabulary Study  Today we are going to learn key words and concepts related to ancient Egyptian beliefs about death and the afterlife. You can find the assignment Journey to the Afterlife - Cognitive Content Dictionary in your Social Studies Google Classroom. After locating your assignment, I want you to make a prediction about what you think each word means by closely studying the images and accompanying questions below. We will then learn the definitions together, select a visual representation for each word, and use each word in self-constructed sentences to demonstrate our developing understanding. 
Do you believe in an afterlife?

Who or what do you think resides in the underworld?

What might an archaeologist find in a tomb?

If Osiris makes the final judgement of a dead person's soul, what decision is he making?

What are some of the steps in the preparation of a mummy?

Why do you think Ramses II wanted to become a mummy

Homework  Complete the assignment Journey to the Afterlife - Cognitive Content DictionaryDueFriday, December 9.

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