Monday, December 12, 2016

Life and Death in Ancient Egypt: Journey to the Afterlife (Day 3)

 Lesson Focus Question   What was the role of religion in ancient Egypt?

Journey to the Afterlife: Video Selections  Today we will continue to investigate ancient Egyptian religious beliefs, specifically as they relate to beliefs about the afterlife. We will also continue to examine multiple sources; today our sources include a variety of videos. As you watch the videos, continue to to take notes using the document Journey to the Afterlife - Study Guide.

The first video provides an overview of ancient Egyptian beliefs about the afterlife, with a special focus on the role and importance of tombs.

The next video explains the mummification process

Now we will watch in excerpt of a video examining role of the Book of the Dead and the journey through the underworld.

Finally, check out this comically gruesome take on what goes down in The Hall of Two Truths, and which includes an appearance by Osiris at The Final Judgement

Homework  Complete your Journey to the Afterlife - Study
GuideDueFriday, December 16.

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