Monday, October 3, 2016

What Is a Civilization?

Concept Map: Civilization  The world's first cities began as farming villages. As early cities grew in size and power, some of them gave rise to civilizations. But what exactly is a civilization? Considering that we are studying 'Ancient Civilizations' this year, understanding the answer to that question is essential. 

To help us make better sense of what a civilization is, we are going to make a Civilization Concept Map today. You can find a document of the same name in your Social Studies Google Classroom.

Using the Concept Map (and the textbook excerpts below), we will first examine the characteristics or features of a civilization. Next, we will come up with a list of non-examples: examples that do not fit the criteria for a civilization. Then, we will decide on examples that do seem to embody our understanding of what a civilization is. Finally, we will decide on a definition for the concept  of civilization. Additionally, we will add images throughout our concept map to help us better understand the concept. (This assignment is due Monday, October 10.    


Review Video  Now that we have a better sense of what a civilization is, let's review what makes a civilization a civilization by watching the short informative video below. How is your civilization concept map both similar and different to the information put forth in the video?  

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