Friday, October 21, 2016

Current Event Friday

Find out today why Matthew Kaplan is considered to be a CNN Hero. 

A View of Syria In light of learning about the conflict in Syria, I would like to take a moment to bear witness to the destruction that is happening there. The video was taken by drone of the ruins of the besieged city of Aleppo. 

Adding to Our Social Studies Google Map  Today we are going to pin the current event story you researched this week from last week's "The Week in Rap" episode, as part of the "Current Events" layer of your Social Studies Events Map. Follow the steps: pin event in its proper geographic location, add a title, include the text from your current event summary, post a related image, and consider including a specialized icon for your pin.

CNN Student News  As we watch CNN Student News today, identify one or two news stories that you may want to pinpoint geographically and place on the Current Event layer of your Social Studies World Map via Google Maps. 

The European Space Agency; the Philippines; Russia; Arizona; and Bermuda were all featured in today's segment. After pinning at least one of these places on your map, consider the most important question: What happened here? You should include a title for the event, the date(s) the event took place, a brief summary of what happened, and include an appropriate photo or video. If you need to refer to a transcript of today's broadcast you can find it here.

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