Thursday, October 20, 2016

Google Mapping the Current Conflict in Syria

Google Mapping the Current Conflict in Syria  Now that most of you have finished your summary of the article Growing Up in the World's Most Dangerous Place using the Noteaking and Summary Guide, it's time to begin the Google Mapping component of this project. Follow the steps below. 
  1. If your summary on the crisis in Syria is complete, copy the text of your summary from the Notetaking and Summary Guide Google Doc. 
  2. Locate your Social Studies Google Map. It can be found in your Google Drive or at the Google Maps website. (Once there, click on 'Menu,' 'Your Places,' and then 'Maps.' Click on the desired map and then 'Open in My Maps.') 
  3. Make sure your map is titled Social Studies Google Map
  4. Make sure you have created two layers: "Current Events" and "Historical Events." 
  5. Place a pin on an appropriate geographic location associated with the article "Growing up in the World's Most Dangerous Place," within the Current Events layer. 
  6. Provide an appropriate title for this story/event. 
  7. Paste the text of your summary into the text box for this pin. 
  8. Include an appropriate photo and/or video to accompany the story/event.
  9. Select a pin icon that is relevant to the story/event.
Below you can find a reminder of how this part of the project will be assessed. 

Next week we will be going back in time, as we learn more about the world's first civilization, Mesopotamia, which began very close to where you placed your pin today. You'll have another opportunity to place a pin, but this time as part of your "Historical Events" layer. What connections will you make between Middle East's present and its past? Stay tuned. 

Academic Business Time  Considering this is the last day of the first quarter, if you have finished the summary writing and Google mapping components of this project, you may use the remainder of this class period to take care of your academic business. You may finish incomplete assignments, retake missing assessments, communicate professionally with teachers using School Loop, read, and/or take AR tests. Use your time wisely. 

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