Friday, October 28, 2016

Sumerian Civilization Google Mapping and Revisiting the Crisis in Syria

Google Mapping the Sumerian Civilization  Today we are going to pin the historical event summary you researched this week about the Sumerian civilization, as part of the "Historical Events" layer of your Social Studies Events Map. Follow the steps: pin event in its proper geographic location, add a title, include the text from your historical event summary, post a related image, and consider including a specialized icon for your pin. 

The Crisis In Syria: 'The White Helmets' Documentary  We continue to examine both historical events and current events that have taken place and continue to occur in the Middle East. Today we revisit the evolving crisis in Syria by watching the short documentary The White Helmets about a courageous group of Syrian citizens who risk their lives daily to rescue others. 

If after watching you would like to learn more about the efforts of the White Helmets and show your support for their work, visit the site Support the White Helmets

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