Friday, September 2, 2016

The Week in Rap and a Current Event Summary

What momentous event took place took place in the country of Colombia this week?
Find out in today's episode of "The Week in Rap." 

Flocabulary: The Week in Rap  Many important news events took place around the world this week. Let's review some of them with our friends at Flocabulary.

Writing a Current Event Summary  This week Flocabulary rapped about the discovery of a new star, Proxima Centauri, the spike in the price of the Epipen, the peace negotiated in Colombia between the rebels and the government, how the University of Chicago is dealing with issues of free speech on campus, the death of legendary actor Gene Wilder, and Beyonce's record setting night at MTV's Video Music Awards

Your objective is to select the story the most interests you, click the link for additional information, take notes, and then write a current event summary. Locate the document Current Event Notes and Summary in your Social Studies Google Classroom. This assignment will be due next Friday, September 9