Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Examining the Neanderthals and Summarizing Current Events

Video: The Neanderthals  Today we are going to continue to learn about the lives of the Neanderthals, as we add to our Neanderthal and Modern Humans - Venn Diagram, by watching a few more excerpts of the Discovery Channel documentary Neanderthal.   

Writing a Current Event Summary  Last week Flocabulary rapped about the discovery of a new star, Proxima Centauri, the spike in the price of the Epipen, the peace negotiated in Colombia between the rebels and the government, how the University of Chicago is dealing with issues of free speech on campus, the death of legendary actor Gene Wilder, and Beyonce's record setting night at MTV's Video Music Awards. Your initial objective was to take notes on your chosen topic.  

Today take some time to write a summary about your selected current event using the document Current Event Notes and Summary in your Social Studies Google Classroom. For a reminder about what goes into writing a good summary check out the video from Flocabulary.

Your paragraph will be assessed using the rubric below. 

This assignment will be due this Friday, September 9

Study for Early Humans Quiz  Tomorrow you will be taking a short quiz on 'Early Humans,' which will test your understanding of how we study and make sense of the ancient past, as well as what we know about the lives of our early human ancestors and how they changed over time. The quiz will be primarily multiple choice, and may include a few short response questions as well. Please review your Social Studies assignments, as well as the Social Studies Blog entries from the past two weeks in order to be prepared.

Homework  (1.) Complete the Neanderthal and Modern Humans - Venn Diagram and Current Event Notes and Summary, both of which are due this Friday, September 9. (2.) Study for your Early Humans Quiz, which you will take tomorrow, September 8