Friday, September 23, 2016

Current Event Friday

A once-bullied teen creating the app "Sit With Us," is just one of the
current events you can choose to investigate this week.

Flocabulary: The Week in Rap  Many important news events took place around the world this week. Let's review some of them with our friends at Flocabulary.

Researching and Summarizing a Current Event  This week Flocabulary rapped about bombs exploding in New York City, a U.S. airstrike that accidentally hit Syrian soldiers, the killings of two more black men (Terence Crutcher and Keith Scott) and the protests that followed, the celebration of the International Day of Peace, a girl who was bullied creating an app called "Sit With Us," a new study that found that no matter how fast you pick up your food from the floor it will still have have bacteria on it, and the world's largest Viking ship arriving in New York City

In addition, yesterday CNN Student News also referenced the shooting of black men in Oklahoma and North Carolina, the importance of Pennsylvania in the presidential election, a group in California that is preparing meals for families dealing with a serious health crisis, and the Guinness world speed record set by the monowheel

Your objective is to select the story the most interests you, click the link for additional information, take notes, and then write a current event summary. Locate the document Current Event Notes and Summary in your Social Studies Google Classroom. This assignment will be due next Friday, September 30