Thursday, September 29, 2016

Quiz Day!

Assessing Human Migration, Surviving the Ice Age, and the Birth of Farming  Today you will be taking a quiz testing your understanding of key concepts we've studied recently, which include human migration, surviving the Ice Age, and the birth of farming. The quiz can be found here. I will read be reading all questions and answer sets aloud before providing you time to work on the quiz independently. Most of the quiz is multiple choice, however there are also two short response questions. For the short response questions, explain your ideas as completely as possible so I'm clear about what exactly you know and understand. When you are done with the quiz, click the 'submit' button. If you finish early and time permits, you may consider doing the activities listed below.

Academic Business Time Due to the fact that there are various assignments that we have been working on that are due tomorrow, I would like to give you some structured time if needed today to work on them. They include
  1. Current Event Summary #3
  2. Early Agriculture - Cause and Effect
  3. Costs and Benefits of Farming 
Each of these assignments can be found in your Social Studies Google Classroom and are due and must be 'turned in' by tomorrow, Friday, September 30.

Independent Literacy Time  If you have completed and 'turned in' each of the assignments above, you may use this time to do any of the following: take an Accelerated Reader quiz, read a Newsela article, or read from your A.R. book. 

Homework  Complete and 'turn in' all assignments from the past week by tomorrow, Friday, September 30, which include: Current Event Summary #3, Early Agriculture - Cause and Effect, and Costs and Benefits of Farming.