Thursday, March 12, 2015

What Is a Dynasty?

Warm-Up Quiz  It's time to show what you've learned about the 'Geography of China.' Take the quiz here.   

Introduction to Chinese Dynasties  Read about two of the earliest Chinese dynasties here. What features or characteristics do dynasties seem to have? What do you think it mean to be a dynasty?  

Dynasty Concept Map  In order to fully understand what it means to be a 'dynasty,' let's create a Dynasty Concept Map, which you can find in your Social Studies folders. First, based on the text we read previously what characteristics or features do dynasties seem to share? Next, considering these characteristics, what are some 'non-examples' of a dynasty? Who are what does not qualify as a dynasty? If you have time you can even include some images of such non-examples.Thirdly, now that we better understand what a dynasty is not, what are some legitimate examples of dynasties. Shall we Google "examples of ruling dynasties" and see what we can find? Once again, feel free to add some visuals to your concept map. Finally, what is the actual definition of a dynasty. Check our what your Social Studies textbook says here. Additionally, Google "definition of dynasty" and see what you come up with. Which definition are you going to include on your concept map and why? Maybe you could consider combining the definitions of several sources or using your newly developed understand to create your own.  

Homework  (1.) Complete your Dynasty Concept Map.  (2.) Complete the China Map and Ancient China Webquest, both of which are due tomorrow, Friday, March 13.

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