Friday, March 6, 2015

Exploring Ancient China

Aloha Friday!  Sorry I couldn't be with you today. I expect you to be on your very best behavior and to treat your substitute teacher with courtesy and respect. Also, know that I may be monitoring the work on your Chromebook from home. Students that violate classroom norms and rules will have to deal with me and the prospect of serious consequences upon my return. Be your best self! Do your best work! Make me proud! 

Ancient China Webquest  Continue to get oriented with some of the things you'll be learning about during our unit on ancient China by starting to explore the Ancient China Webquest, which you can find in your Social Studies folders. Follow the links, research the questions, and record your answers using the document. This assignment will be due next week!

Academic Study Hall  If you finish your Ancient China Webquest early and you still have assessments missing, please make completing those your priority now. If you still need to finish your Geography of China Edpuzzle, you may also use this time to complete that assignment.

Time for Kids China Activities  If you have finished your Ancient China Webquest, your missing assessments, and your Geography of China Edpuzzle, you may work on an alternative assignment. You may either read your A.R. book silently, or you may check out the Time for Kids Around the World activities for China here. Tour through China's most amazing sites here. Travel through our timeline of major events in China's History here. Learn Mandarin Chinese here. Find out what a typical day in the life of a Chinese boy is like here. And finally find out how much you learned during your virtual voyage through China by taking the quiz here.