Friday, March 27, 2015

The Tomb of the First Emperor Meets Main Idea and Details

 Today's Learning Objective  List the policies and achievements of the emperor Shi Huangdi in unifying northern China under the Qin Dynasty. Determine central ideas of a text and summarize the key supporting details and ideas.  

The First Emperor: Main Idea and Details  Today you will be reading about the tomb of Shi Huangdi ("The First Emperor") from an excerpt in your Language of Literature textbooks. Yes, you will be reading from a book today with actual pages. No groaning! "The First Emperor" is an example of informative nonfiction as it provides factual information about a historical figure-the first emperor of China.  

Your objective as you read today is to identify the main idea and details of selected passages (as well as learn more amazing information about Mr. Shi Huangdi). If you need a refresher on main idea and supporting details, check out the image below.  

The passage "The First Emperor" begins on page 729 of your Language of Literature textbook. Use the document "The First Emperor" Main Idea and Details, which can be found in your Social Studies folders to record the main idea and details of selected passages. 

Homework  Complete "The First Emperor" Main Idea and Details assignment.   

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