Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Shang Dynasty Webquest and Showcasing Our Learning

 Today's Learning Objective  Locate and describe the origins of Chinese civilization during the Shang Dynasty.  

Shang Dynasty Webquest (Continued)  Continue your Shang Dynasty Webquest with you partner. Make sure you are working collaboratively and equitably to complete the assignment, which can still be found here. Additional resources on the Shang Dynasty can be still be found herehere, and here.  

Digital Showcase Assignment  Thursday is Open House! Please select one assignment from either Language Arts or Social Studies that you are most proud of, that best represents your strengths as a student, and that you would like to share with your family. Visit the form here, share the link to your assignment, and explain why the assignment is special to you and what it demonstrates you learned. 

Homework  (1.) Complete the Shang Dynasty Webquest, which is due on Friday, March 20(2.) Complete the Dynasty Concept Map and Ancient China Dynasty Timeline, both of which are also due on Friday, March 20

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