Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Writing a Persuasive Letter

Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday and national holiday may have passed, but our
struggle for a more just, equal, and peaceful world continues each and every day.

 Today's Learning Objective  Write arguments to support claims with clear claims an relevant evidence. 

Persuasive Letter: Drafting  Last week you researched India's caste system and learned about caste system discrimination; you were then charged with writing a persuasive letter to advocate an end to this practice. Today you will continue working on your End Caste System Discrimination - Persuasive Letter. Remember after your greeting, you want to draft the body of your letter, in which you you will state your position, prove your point, and ask your reader to take action. 

This assignment will count towards the assessment portion of your Social Studies grade and I will be using the rubric below to assess your work. The rubric can also be found in your Social Studies folders. 

Today will be your last class period to work on this assignment. It will be due and published on Kidblog this Friday, January 23