Thursday, January 15, 2015

Writing to Persuade

Persuasive Letter: Overview  After learning about caste system discrimination, many of you felt compelled to write a letter advocating for an end to this practice. To convince people to agree with you, you use persuasion. You tell them what you want or believe. Then you give them reasons for your position. 

And if you're writing a formal letter, for example to the United Nations Human Rights Council, you want to write in a professional and respectful tone. You can find a few tips on writing a persuasive "business" letter below. 

Persuasive Letter: Prewriting  Before you start writing your letter, think about your audience and purpose. Who are you writing to and what are trying to convince them of? What action do you want the United Nations Human Rights Council to take after reading your letter about the caste system? 

To appeal to your reader's thinking, you need to give reasons for your position and support them with evidence. To help you organize your position, reasons, and evidence, I have provided you with a Preparing to Write Your Persuasive Letter document (which can be found in your Social Studies folder). 

If you still need to do additional research to clarify your reasons and gather additional evidence, please do so. There are many resources available. Just ask.

Persuasive Letter: Drafting  Now it's time to start your letter. After your greeting, you want to draft the body of your letter, in which you you will state your position, prove your point, and ask your reader to take action. You can find some guideline and examples below. 

If you are ready to begin drafting, you may use the assignment End Caste System Discrimination - Persuasive Letter, which can be found in your Social Studies folder. Your letter does not need to be finished today. We will continue working on this assignment in class next week. 

Homework  Complete India's Vedic Age - Cognitive Content Dictionary, which is due tomorrow, Friday, January 16.