Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Examing and Challenging the Caste System

Examining the Caste System  Today we will continue to examine the caste system by viewing videos from three different sources. Continue to take notes using the Caste System - Study Guide from yesterday.   


Challenging the Caste System  After learning that the caste system not only still exists, but that people born into the lowest castes remain victims of "caste discrimination," what do you want to do about it? One thing we can do is make our voices heard. Your task today is to begin to write a persuasive letter urging an end to caste discrimination. Your audience will be the United Nations Human Rights Council, which is an international organization charged with investigating violations of human rights around the world. You can find the Preparing to Write Your Persuasive Letter assignment in you Social Studies folders. The assignment provides you the space to develop your position, arguments, and evidence. More information about caste discrimination from the International Dalit Solidarity Network can be found below.