Monday, January 12, 2015

India's Vedic Age: Vocabulary Study

Early Indo-Aryan charioteers

 Today's Focus Question  What impact did the Aryans have on ancient and modern India?

India's Vedic Age: Vocabulary Study  Welcome back from winter break! We are continuing to learn about the early civilizations of India. Today our focus shifts to a group of people known as the Indo-Aryans who lived during a time known as India's Vedic Age. We will begin by studying some of the key vocabulary related this topic, using the document India's Vedic Age - Cognitive Content Dictionary, which can be found in your Social Studies folders. We will be using an excerpt from our Social Studies textbook, which has been placed in your Social Studies folders (and which you can also find here), to help us understand the lesson's key words and concepts. Some images have also been posted below to help you conceptualize these new terms.
The Vedas are considered to be very sacred to the Hindu people. 
Your caste is a group you are born into. 
The caste system separates members of Indian society
India's untouchables often did the dirty jobs that no one else would do. 

Homework  Complete India's Vedic Age - Cognitive Content Dictionary, which will be due on Friday, January 16.