Monday, March 10, 2014

Emperor Ashoka and the Last Day of Buddhism

Warm-Up Read about one of ancient India's most famous rulers, Emperor Ashoka, here.  Be prepared to share what you learned with the class.  

Ashoka's Rule of Tolerance  Read along with Mr. McGinty as he reads from an example of a primary source document - an excerpt of the speech that Ashoka delivered after the Battle of Kalinga. You can find the speech here and here.  Guiding questions:  How did Buddha's teachings change Ashoka as a leader?  What modern day leaders does Ashoka remind you of?  Would you recommend that all leaders study the teachings of Buddhism?  Why or why not?       

Buddhism Assessment  Our time learning about Buddhism is almost over.  Show me some of what you've learned by taking the test here

Homework  (1.) Deadline Reminder:  In order to receive full credit, please make sure your Eightfold Path Google Presentation project is completed and turned into your name folder within your Social Studies folder before the start of class on Tuesday.  (2.) Just because our class time devoted to the study of Buddhism is over, that doesn't mean that you have to stop learning and exploring independently.  Remember that many of Buddha's teachings and ideas can be embraced by people of all faiths and backgrounds.  Meditation, especially, is a tool that you can use throughout your life.  Below is a guided meditation that you may want to check out.