Friday, March 21, 2014

The Dynasties of Ancient China

Warm Up  Welcome to the amazing world of Ancient Chinese Dynasties!  Watch the entertaining and informative video below and share your response here.   

Ancient China Dynasty Timeline  Create a digital timeline featuring the earliest dynasties of Ancient China: the Neolithic Era (Xia Dynasty), Shang Dynasty, Chou (Zhou) Dynasty, Ch'in (Qin) Dynasty, and Han Dynasty. In addition to labeling each dynasty, your timeline should include the years of their reign and an image representing each dynasty.  Make a copy of the Ancient China timeline template here, which includes an example of how to complete your timeline.  You can find images and information about ancient Chinese dynasties here and here.  You may also Google each dynasty for images and dates. 

Video of the Week:  Los Angeles High School Students Build Robots  If you have time, check out the video below about a group of Los Angeles high school students who have been working together to design and build robots and compete in the FIRST Robotics Competition, a nationwide program that challenges students to build and program machines. "We taught kids how to code and how to build robots — some of these kids went from not attending school to getting straight As,” said, who is helping to sponsor the team. To learn more about the program visit this link.  


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