Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The Beliefs of Buddhism - The Four Noble Truths

Today's Learning Objective  Know the life and moral teachings of the Buddha. 

Warm-Up  What lessons about life have your learned through your study of the life of Buddha?  What can all people learn by studying his example? Submit your response here.   

The Four Noble Truths  Visit the following site:  Mr. Donn's Buddhism Page and read the section on "The Four Noble Truths."  Next, read the excerpt on this topic form your textbook here. Synthesize (combine) the information from the two sources you've studied.  What are the Four Noble Truths? What are examples of things that bring suffering?  What sorts of desires (wants) cause suffering?   Provide an example of a selfish desire.  Submit your responses here.       

Homework: Preview The Eightfold Path  For homework, preview the Eightfold Path.  Look over Mr. Donn's interpretation of it here.  Which law would you consider the most challenging to follow? Which would be the easiest for you?  Explain here.