Monday, March 24, 2014

The Shang Dynasty

ALERT!  ALERT!  ALERT!  The following students received zeroes for their China map project because the assignment was not turned in to their folder:  Gustavo, Stephanie, Sandra, Vidal, Brandon, Adrian, and Paloma.  If you would like to receive credit for this assignment and have it count towards your 3rd quarter Social Studies grade, please move it to your name folder immediately!  

Shang Dynasty Oracle Bone

Warm Up  Watch the video below and then write a response explaining the significance of the Shang Dynasty here.  

Shang Dynasty Webquest  Some say the Shang Dyansty was one of the most important time periods of Ancient China.  Enjoy your journey to this exciting dynasty which begins with the Webquest here.  However, today you will not be traveling alone; you will be bringing along the person sitting next to you and together you will be expected to collaboratively complete the Webquest assignment found here.  Have one person make a copy of the assignment and share it with the other, and then decide who will be responsible for the various sections.  Some of the Webquest links are broken, so additional resources on the Shang Dynasty can be found here, here, and here.