Tuesday, September 26, 2017

What Is A Civilization?

Video: How Civilization Began  What is a civilization and how did civilization begin? Watch this introductory video to get started: 

Concept Map: Civilization  The world's first cities began as farming villages. As early cities grew in size and power, some of them gave rise to civilizations. But what exactly is a civilization? Considering that we are studying 'Ancient Civilizations' this year, understanding the answer to that question is essential. 

To help us make better sense of what a civilization is, we are going to make a Civilization Concept Map today. You can find a document of the same name in your Social Studies Google Classroom.

Using the Concept Map (and the textbook excerpts below), we will first examine the characteristics or features of a civilization. Next, we will come up with a list of non-examples: examples that do not fit the criteria for a civilization. Then, we will decide on examples that do seem to embody our understanding of what a civilization is. Finally, we will decide on a definition for the concept  of civilization. Additionally, we will add images throughout our concept map to help us better understand the concept.


Civilization Review Video  Now that we have a better sense of what a civilization is, let's review what makes a civilization a civilization by watching the short informative video below. How is your civilization concept map both similar and different to the information put forth in the video?  

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