Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Meet the Neanderthals

Meet the Neanderthals The human evolution journey continues as we learn about another human species, one that many consider to be the most closely related to us: the Neanderthals. As you read from the excerpts from our Ancient Civilizations textbook below, use the document Neanderthal and Modern Humans - Venn Diagram (in your Social Studies Google Classroom) to take notes on how Neanderthals are both similar and different compared to our modern human species.


Video: The Neanderthals  Now we are going to continue to learn about the lives of the Neanderthals, as we add to our Neanderthal and Modern Humans - Venn Diagram, by watching excerpts of the Discovery Channel documentary Neanderthal.    

Study for Early Humans Quiz  Tomorrow you will be taking a short quiz on 'Early Humans,' which will test your understanding of how we study and make sense of the ancient past, as well as what we know about the lives of our early human ancestors and how they changed over time. The quiz will be primarily multiple choice, and may include a few short response questions as well. Please review your Social Studies assignments, as well as the Social Studies Blog entries from the past two weeks in order to be prepared.