Monday, September 25, 2017

Examining Agricultural Tools and Reviewing for Quiz

Life at the Time: Tilling the Soil  Students: How might you plant a garden without using any tools?  It would be pretty difficult, wouldn't it. Therefore, can you understand why even early on using tools for farming was so important?  

Let's read the introductory paragraph from the passage below. Now take a moment and carefully study the images and accompanying captions in order.

Who probably made the tools show in the pictures? 

How might a toolmaker have been paid for the work? 

Look at how the toolmakers improved designs as time passed. Which sickle do you think would have been most efficient? 

Now imagine that you are farmer in the ancient Middle East and you have used one of the more advanced metal sickles for the first time. Discuss with the members of your group all the various benefits of using a metal sickle. In what what ways will it help you produce more food crops?   

Reviewing for Quiz: Three Videos  We are going to have a quiz tomorrow on the following topics we've studied recently: human migration, surviving the Ice Age, and the development of farming. But before we do, we are going to watch excerpts of three short videos to help you review the content and important ideas. You may use the document From Human Migration to the Development of Farming - Video Notes, which can be found in your Social Studies Google Classroom, to take notes if your choose.

Homework  Study for your quiz on 'human migration, surviving the Ice Age, and the development of farming,' which you will be taking tomorrow, September 26.

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