Wednesday, April 6, 2016

CNN Student News and Ancient China Activities


CNN Student News  As we watch CNN Student News today, identify one or two news stories that you can pinpoint geographically and place on the Current Event layer of your Social Studies World Map via Google Maps. 

Iceland; Panama City, Panama; Wisconsin; and London, England were all featured in today's segment. After pinning at least one of these places on your map, consider the most important question: What happened here? You should include a title for the event, the date(s) the event took place, a brief summary of what happened, and include an appropriate photo or video. If you need to refer to a transcript of today's broadcast you can find it here.

Ancient China Webquest and EdPuzzle Continue exploring some of the things you'll be learning about during our unit on ancient China by continuing to work on the Ancient China Webquest, which you can find in your Social Studies Google Classroom. Follow the links, research the questions, and record your answers using the document. This assignment is due on Friday, April 8.

Also due on Friday is your Geography of China Edpuzzle. If you haven't completed it yet, please make sure you get it done.