Monday, April 18, 2016

Ancient China: The Mandate of Heaven

Warm Up Quiz  Show me what you learned about the Shang Dynasty by taking the quiz here.  
Crash Course Video: Ancient China  Let the team at Crash Course review and introduce some key ideas related to Ancient China.  Watch the video below.  

The Mandate of Heaven - DocentEDU Assignment  Learn about an important belief held by many in Ancient China regarding how the right to rule was determined by reading an online article about the the Mandate of Heaven DocentEDU style. I have embedded questions, videos, and vocabulary support to make your online reading experience more meaningful and interactive. You will also receive points for questions that you answer correctly. You can access the article or 'Docent' at your DoecentEDU Dashboard or from your Social Studies Google Classroom. This assignment should be completed by Friday, April 22.

Homework  (1.) Complete your Shang Dynasty DocentEDU assignment, which is due on this Friday, April 22(2.) Complete your Mandate of Heaven DocentEDU assignment, which is also due on this Friday, April 22.